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February 26th, 2010

Choosing Kitchen Wall Colors

Kitchen wall colors should compliment your cabinetry as well as your countertop. This is one of the areas of your room where you can really add a lot of personality. Here are a few ideas to really get a unique look.

If you don’t have a backsplash then you can use paint to mimic one. This is especially true because right now we are seeing a lot of really simplistic Harlequin accent tiles. You could paint this on your wall and it allows you to incorporate all different kinds of Earth tones. You could even add a speckled effect if you want it to look like marble. It probably won’t look exactly like this but you can get a whimsical country kind of effect with faux finishes.

If you have dark wood tones then you might want to add a slightly more whimsical effect to your space. You could make this feel very Tuscan or use terra-cotta paint. This warm kind of tone will compliment cherry wood cabinetry. This will keep it from seeming too bright and modern. If you have white cabinets then try daring orange wallpaper in your kitchen for more of a contemporary feeling.

You can even have a ton of fun if you find ways to make white cabinets interesting. In these kinds of rooms where vinyl and laminate reign supreme you need to add in more elegant tones. You can work with gray walls that will compliment stainless steel appliances quite beautifully. However it should have a little bit of blue or lavender in it. Otherwise it’s just going to seem a little bit too jarring. You could counteract this just by going with an oversize painted stripe on one wall for more of a casual kind of feeling. Even if you look closely at a lot of green or taupe laminate you’re going to see tons of gray flecks in it. This is especially important because both of these tones were popular a few years ago but you can still make it work with the trendier kinds of colors.