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February 24th, 2011

How to Decorate with Red Couches

Red couches can cause a little bit of a design dilemma. However, if you have red curtains or bolder wall colors then you can change up some of these items and still have your more expensive living room furniture stay entact. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect balance for your room.

You might want to coordinate this with your flooring. A lot of the patchwork style rugs that we see in contemporary design right now will feature this along with tons of different browns and neutral tones. This is going to bring in earth tones that can be a great inspiration for your wall colors. This is going to really help you use red couches that really won’t seem like they are sticking out in the room.

As far as your wall color goes you need to choose something that’s going to be contemporary but it will still help to tone down your bolder furniture choices. Gray is a really beautiful wall color that can still stay within the masculine feeling of this tone. However, you could even work it into more of a shabby chic kind of design directions thats going to work with white wall colors and then use a lot of those throw pillows and window treatments. This will be one of the more unexpected design directions that you can go with when decorating with these furniture pieces.

You can also work this into more of a retro kind of style. You’ll want to look for curved arms. This could even be a faux leather if you’re trying to save a lot of money. It’s perfect for basements that need cheering up. If you don’t want an entire theme room complete with jukeboxes and car poster prints you can just use this furniture silhouette to get the same look in a much more subtle and sophisticated manner.