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April 13th, 2013

Accent Chairs with Arms for a Living Room

The big trend in living room furniture is the use of patterned accent chairs instead of a loveseat. These can be quite affordable in the $200-$300 range and sometimes the pricetag will even be well under that. However, when I was shopping for these I found that they were rarely comfortable. The slipper style chair, which is armless, may be perfect for people who sit straight up and keep their hands in their lap, but it’s not really for anyone else.

Accent Chairs with Arms

Safavieh Mercer Collection Phyllis Grey Arm Chair
Phyllis Grey

Safavieh Mercer Collection Ellen Linen Club Chair, Light Grey
Ellen Linen Club

Lainey Tufted Armchair
Lainey Tufted

Curves Tufted Chair
Curves Tufted

Coaster 902052 Plush Patterned Accent Chair, Beige Circles
Coaster 902052

Coaster 902042 Embossed Microvelvet Accent Chair, Pistachio
Coaster 902042

Look for Curved Arms

This has a very retro flair to it but can also work in a modern aesthetic. This uses curved upholstered arms. Again, these are narrower than what I have in my room, but my accent chair also seems to take up more than it’s fair share of the space. I like the sleek and modern look of this one and the pricetag isn’t too bad either!

Go Traditional

This can still be a little bit streamlined just because of the carved wood. It has a Victorian flair to it, especially with the fabric palette. However, the arms don’t take up that much room but I don’t know if it would be comfortable enough to sit in for hours. Usually elegant furniture is really expensive, but in this case just the fact that it’s a chair is much cheaper than a sofa and you can always get a more comfortable but coordinating sofa.

Consider the Type of Arm

For comfort I always choose an overstuffed rolled arm chair which is what I have in my own home. It’s not as pretty as I’d like, but it’s the best place in the house to read so I sacrificed on the overall style of it. There are some modified and transitional options that will take up slightly less room but still feel comfortable.

Barrel Chairs

Barrel chairs can feel very country or contemporary depending on the material. This piece with the wicker and neutral seat cushion could go either way. The arms are really built into the chair this way for a more subtle look. Always check the arm height before buying to get the right height for you.