Cheap Outdoor Rugs for Patios

Cheap outdoor rugs for patios allow you to get a totally new look in your outdoor space. In fact it’s much easier to find a cheap outdoor version as compared to indoor versions and you won’t have to compromise as much on materials. This is partly because with indoor rugs comfort and plushness is a sign of quality. Even expensive outdoor pieces can be a little bit scratchy or made out of recycled materials.

Cheap Outdoor Rugs for Patios from

Fab Habitat Venice Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Cream and Turquoise
Fab Habitat Venice

Fab Habitat Istanbul Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Fair Aqua and Warm Taupe
Fab Habitat Istanbul

Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat, 4 by 6-Feet, Aqua
Mad Mats Oriental

Summertime All weather Area Rug
Summertime All Weather Area Rug

Cabana Area Rug I
Cabana Area Rug I

Grant Pear Off Straw Indoor / Outdoor Rug
Off Straw

Check Out the 5×7 Size

I generally don’t like this with indoor rugs but it really doesn’t bother me for outdoor versions at all. Indoors it always looks small and dwarfed but many outdoor spaces are small enough to easily accommodate this size unless you’re planning on putting a dining room table on top of this in which case you’re going to need a larger size.

Keep It Classic Looking

My favorite rug pattern both for indoor and outdoor spaces is a lattice style look. This trellis pattern is chicer than most other patterns but it’s classic enough that you won’t need to replace it until it wears out.

Go Faux

Faux outdoor rugs can save a lot of money over sisal and may be more durable as well. Plus, then you can get additional colors or prints. I do love the neutral color and simplicity of sisal but it can be so uncomfortable and expensive too.

Use Paint

This is an awesome way to save money on larger pieces. This could mean adding a chevron pattern to an existing plain sisal rug or stenciling it right onto your patio! This allows you to get custom sizes and colors but make sure you pick a pattern and palette you can live with for awhile.

Mimic Elegant Patterns

Sure patio mats and AstroTurf can be a lot cheaper, but they look cheaper too. However, instead spend slightly more money to get a chic pattern. This includes stripes for a casual look and many decorators are even using these indoor/outdoor rugs inside just because they are so inexpensive and simple.

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