Country Paint Colors

Country paint colors make a house feel like a home. The use of paint saves you money but also makes sure that you don’t overdo the country theme.

The Americana colors of red, white and blue can be sophisticated and less kitschy when broken up. Paint a ceiling blue to simulate sky and give the room an unusual touch. Keep the walls neutral and accent with wood trim, doors, and a farmhouse table.  A brick red room can be chicer when paired with modern white furniture. Distress ordinary wood with white paint. If you have paneling try cream paint on the wood floor, ceilings and walls for a rustic church feeling right in your own home.

country colors

Country colors are easier to live with when you go with lighter tones such as this green which is still natural but soothing. Freerange stock photo

Modern country colors will make your room feel less kitschy and more like Martha Stewart’s house. Pair a good ol’ country blue with tan cabinets and sage green accents for a country room that isn’t too glaring. Plaster and aged walls also have a sophisticated country feel that will bring out wood tones.

country paint colors

If you can't decide on country paint colors then try wood paneling. It can even be modern but the material always blends in with this theme no matter which finish you choose. Freerange Stock Photo

Stick with light tones. Gone are the days of forest green and navy blue. Instead try a sage green or robin’s egg blue. This will keep your friend’s from making fun of the country style. Instead your house will just feel homey and comfortable. Wood tones should be medium or painted. Stained or painted black furniture adds a modern country theme. Just make sure it still has bun feet and a distressed look so the country paint colors aren’t too contemporary.

For a more sophisticated country touch bring in elements of nature. A stone fireplace can be the jumping off point for a paint color or be inspired by birch branches instead of putting up paneling. If your room doesn’t have wood accents try gold walls which will give the same warmth to a room. A country theme also works well in a guest space or little girl’s room. A coral color combines peach and pink and looks fantastic with cream painted furniture.

Painted furniture pieces are a staple in country design. The best part is that you can unify your entire room with just a few dollars worth of paint and some sandpaper. If you want the pieces to look like they’ve been collected over time paint in different shades of neutral or try a butter yellow or taupe to make all the mismatched furniture in your home look like a set.

Creative Commons Photo from Posh Living

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