Farmhouse Colors

Farmhouse colors allow you to keep up with trends instead of really going through an entire renovation for a style that will probably come dated in a few years. It also allows you to add a fresh new look to your furniture and kitchen and baths.

Wood is essential in this style of decor. Really any version will work as long as it’s in a matte finish. However, if you really want a convincing look then try to create a pickled effect with paint or use milk paint. The wood grain will still show through, but you’ll get a cream or gray finish to it.

For your furniture tones; neutrals are really the way to go. Taupe and gray are really popular in this design style. It also works well to highlight molding or even to just paint your cabinet’s in this color. A few years ago black was really popular for kitchen cabinets but it’s been overthrown by gray. This can still work with any of the natural stones, ceramics, granites, or marbles that you may have in your room.

Depending on your commitment to this design style you might just want to stick with the basic neutral room that you already have and try out a few of these different color combos. Some of these schemes can even be a fun option for a nursery. It will use either the pastel tones or primary colors that we’re used to on kids’ rooms. However, it will probably use this on your furniture instead of on the walls which is important for a small room.

Go Dusty

Any dusted or faded color lets you replicate antique furniture tones. You want to stay away from a lot of metallics. Instead, just try sanding down some of your finishes or distressing them slightly. However, if you try to do this over large surface areas such as kitchen cabinets it will look messy. Instead, just try going for weathered paint colors. This could be charcoal. Dusty blue is also one of the most popular furniture colors in this style.

Brighter is Better

White walls are really one of the more popular wall colors in these spaces; but it’s important to have antique style furniture to really pull this off. You can even decorate with primary colors, such as using yellow nightstands and a red dresser. Usually this would be too reminiscent of a kid’s room. However, really using this on vintage style furniture and elevating the design style with lots of toile bedding really makes it quite sophisticated.

Bring in Antiques

Other bright tones will be pastel. It’s important that this not become too shabby chic; especially when using the mint greens and roses that belong to this design style.
This mean’s that you’ll want more of a shaker style furniture. Stay away from a lot of carvings and focus on stained glass windows or paned effects.

One thing that you can do is to decorate with books. Nate Berkus is a huge fan of this. He oftentimes uses these to as makeshift pedestals under small jewelry boxes or vases.
One of the most rustic fabrics around right now is burlap; but it really isn’t totally comfortable. Use it where you’d need a durable fabric such as on an ottoman.

The other big trend is going to be lace. This isn’t your grandmothers’ lace; well if it is you but still use it in totally different ways. You could use lace on a more modern drum shade.
Other lighting options are going to be chandeliers. This could be a metal basket style. You also might just want to remove your more formal chandelier shades. Paint brass chandeliers in a navy blue.

Other big trends right now are going to be vintage style yardsticks. We’ve seen these used as table tops or picture frames. They bring in all different wood tones and painted finishes which are vital for this design style.

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