Wall Color Ideas

Do you have tons of paint samples taped to the wall because you can’t decide on wall colors? I made a quiz at the end of this article to help you know which direction you should go in. It may seem like all of the wall color ideas have already been used. While many people have had, or already painted over, a yellow bathroom, you can combine colors in unique ways to get the room to stand out. If you’re using a traditional piece of artwork such as a Van Gogh print you’ll need to go with a bold paint color so your room doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office. Burnt sienna and cobalt blue are common colors in artwork and make for daring wall colors.

Sample Choices

Use sample paint colors to your advantage. We’ve all bought small quarts of paint and then made those tiny, annoying swatches on the wall. This means that you absolutely have to paint because now all your visitors will know you’re in the process. Combine the different wall colors to make a faux mosaic painted tile table top or an original piece of artwork. This keeps the small cans from building up in the basement and allows you to use all of your original color ideas.

Architectural Considerations

Choosing interior paint colors requires you to consider the age of your home, or what you wish was the age of your home. Use a muted color palette for a French Provincial feel. Accent the trim with gold paint to create a focal point. Forget all of the rules and choose one color that you love whether it’s purple or chartreuse. There are different tones of every color that will create a calming or exciting mood. Then work off your favorite color to pick your furniture choices and make the new color palette make sense. The most interesting color palettes are created when you forget what is proper and go with what you actually like. A room might be filled with bright colors such as hot pink, chartreuse and turquoise. These colors may not seem to make sense but they work together because they are all cheerful and the same depth.

Wall Colors

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Interior house paint colors can work together throughout your home. You may want to have a blue theme in your home. Open up your favorite graphic design program and run the mouse over the color wheel. You’ll discover hundreds of blue hues that will create different moods and feelings in your space.

Paint color selection can be gender neutral. This is important for a nursery, playroom or just if you’re fighting with your spouse. Try pops of orange in a nursery for a room that you, your husband and the baby can enjoy. Notice that I said pops of color and not an entirely orange room that will have everyone in the family cranky.

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Faux Finishes

You can use faux techniques to bring in a variety of paint colors. You can mimic worn wood or even brick if you want a Tuscan or a farmhouse room. Even if you just go with typical stripes you can make it more interesting by outlining the stripes with a crisp line.

If you want feminine colors then use them in moderation. This could be a simple stencil. Mimic molding so it isn’t too juvenile. You can do this with neutral and metallic tones to use near your ceiling. This is so you will have an interesting ceiling treatment. Medallions and cove ceilings were design staples in vintage homes but they are often lacking in newer homes so use stenciling instead.

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The easiest way to choose a wall color is just to try it out instead of stressing over it for years. The biggest mistake you can make is being scared of paint and not putting any up at all. Instead, you really need to be daring even if you are just switching to taupe.

Colors for Bedrooms

When picking out this palette you can go with soothing tones whether its from Behr or even Sherwin Williams. Avoid a lot of contrast and really create a sense of flow. For instant, in an office, basement, or a living room you might want to go with an accent wall, but this is a little bit harsh for a bedroom.

Instead think of it as art or decoration. Use a tone on tone lattice pattern in pale blue or gray. This will create subtle texture. Then use one of the colors from your main pattern for the rest of your walls. These combinations are interesting without being too loud.

If you have a white bedroom set this is usually very modern depending on the lines. This is a lasting piece of furniture. You might want to try a funkier and brighter color palette but still sick with calming tones, just more daring ones. This could include turquoise or even cobalt blue. You can even bring in black bedding. However, how should you tie the entire room together? With fabric of course. Look for monogram bedding, or layer on vintage linens for a slightly shabby chic air. This is one of the few bright color palettes that can even work for men. When choosing wall color ideas remember that you can take risks and paint over them if they don’t work out.

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