Material Colors

The color of the materials that you use in your home can drive the price up. Use richer colors on the wall if you can’t afford high end appliances because paint all costs the same amount. An oak furniture color is going to be much less expensive than a mahogany wood color. Instead paint or stain the oak a dark rich red to take advantage of the materials that you already have while updating them. This is a green approach that will save you green so you can redecorate your rooms as often as you like.

When choosing furniture colors you’ll need to decide which pieces are going to stay and for how long. A purple sofa may seem like a great idea right now but how will your significant other feel about it when it comes time to move into together? Red sofas were popular a few years ago and now the want ads are riddled with people trying to get rid of their trendy couches. Since furniture is so expensive stick to neutral colors that you won’t want to pitch into the dumpster in a few months. White, black, tan, gold, and brown are all neutrals that will endure. Add spice to your room with fabric colors. Try a mismatched ottoman that combines your sofa color with a contemporary favorite like pink or teal. This will distinguish your furniture from your neighbor’s while the lasting pieces are still neutral.

When you decorate a room you’ll typically need to pick a metal color to match interior color schemes, wall colors, or dining room colors. This color will appear on light fixtures, door knobs, hinges, curtains rods, candlesticks and possibly even tile. Common metal colors are brass, silver, brushed steel, oil rubbed bronze, and antique copper. Pick a color that you can carry throughout your entire house for cohesion. Nothing is worse than having a brass door knob, white light fixture, and stainless steel towel rack in a small bathroom. Well, there are worse things that can happen to you but it sure isn’t pretty. Mismatched metals make it seem like you didn’t decorate at all.

You may want to change tile color because the previous homeowner’s were obsessed with pink or thought that white was a fantastic choice for the kitchen floor. Pick a tile color that will last. This will save you marital disputes because you won’t have to fight with your spouse when you tell him that terra cotta is out so he has to rip out all of the hours of hard work he just did a few years ago. Stone tile adds a natural element while it gives color. Marble in kitchen or baths never goes out of style and there are many shades to choose from. Granite countertops can increase how quickly and for how much money your home sales. Slate is the bad boy of the stone world, bringing in daring orange and pairing it almost nonsensically with gray. This gives you the excuse of saying “It was all Mother Nature’s idea” if your color palette doesn’t work out.

Appliances are another big ticket item where you’ll need to choose material color. Stainless steel is the trend for kitchens but it may feel cold or is just too expensive for you. Match the appliances to your cabinets to make a small kitchen seem bigger. White is a classic appliance color. If homeowners are into trends the stainless steel appliances that cost more than your car might not be good enough for them in ten years. Pick an appliance color that is affordable and you can base your design around like black.

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