Room Color Schemes

When you first start creating room color schemes you may ask yourself “Which colors match?” You’ll need to pick a shade for the walls, trim, ceiling, furniture, accessories and flooring. This is why so many people end up with white houses. In an attempt to match colors they just get rid of color all together. The worst is a blue room that has the perfect color match on every single surface. I’m all for a monochromatic color palette but keep it interesting by using different shades and tones.

If you’re wondering how to match colors think of color outside the boundary of decorating. Look at your cosmetics, many of the eye shadows come arranged in preset color palettes. Use the lightest shade for the interior trim paint and the darkest shade as the wood tone. You use color in your everyday life without even thinking about it. Draw inspiration from your favorite outfit, or a scrap booking page that gets a lot of compliments. A room can serve as a way to remember your goal or commemorate an item you had to give up such as a motorcycle or that trip to France you’ve never been able to afford.

When choosing a color scheme for a space find the elephant in the room. This could be oak cabinets, the fireplace color or a black leather couch that is a relic from your husband’s bachelor days. Choose the color palette to match the stone, brick or material. This gives the piece a base in the room so it looks like it was an intentional choice instead of a big mistake. Basing color around an existing item saves money.

When building a color scheme you’ll need to find balance. This could be a medium, light and dark tone of the same color or using neutrals with bolder colors. Some color schemes may make you think of a box of crayons like blue, yellow and red. Green and red may remind you of Christmas, even if they are across from each other on the color wheel. Start with one color that you must have in the room. Build the palette around making that color look it’s very best. If you want to try a red and green color scheme vary the tones of each so it doesn’t have an automatic association with a cheesy holiday sweater. This could mean pairing burgundy walls with grass green accents, or using green with a lot of yellow in it on the walls and placing a single dark red orchid in the space so it really pops.

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