Colors for an Office

Colors for an office need to be multi faceted. An office may need to serve several functions. It needs to be a guest room, a craft space and an area to work. You need to choose a color that will be energizing without becoming annoying or distracting. Painting the office turns it from a spare room to a dedicated office space, making the room all your own.

Neutrals are popular when choosing a home office paint color. Taupe will still look like you painted instead of having dingy office walls. Bring in texture with grass cloth for a modern home office. Brown is a color that won’t be distracting but will still feel warm. Try shades of coca or chocolate brown in a room that gets a lot of light. Simple desk accessories or a single vase of flowers will really pop in all brown room. Bring in more daring accessory colors like orange or yellow.

Home office colors can effect how you work. If you have rich wood tones on the floor or furniture pick a complimentary color. Look for gold tones that will bring out the warmth of the wood, and will also be energizing. Tone down the yellow paint by going with a more taupe color than you think you need, it will look brighter and more yellow on the wall.

The best office colors depend on your particular needs. If you need to feel more energized at work then try a bright orange or turquoise paint color. If you have trouble concentrating try a more soothing green or gray that won’t distract you from your projects. Create an entire color palette that coordinates all of the furniture, flooring, paint colors and curtains. This will keep your office from seeming like a spare room and you’ll give a good first impression if clients stop in for a visit. So often, offices are just the rooms where all the forgotten furniture gets dumped. Unify it with paint colors or the same stain so it appears to be more of a set. White furniture creates a cottage feel while black furniture creates a modern home office. Add a colorful pink office chair for a touch of femininity.

Office cubicles present a special challenge when you try to decorate with color. You may think it’s impossible, you don’t even have walls, right? Instead of pinning the same old photographs on the wall add more daring spots of color. This can be accomplished as simply as putting up swatches of fabric; or large, colorful pieces of paper. Make a collage with your favorite artwork. Just ensure that the changes aren’t permanent and you’ll soon be the envy of the office.

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