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April 19th, 2011

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

Knowing how to choose paint colors for your home interior is one of the most basic parts of interior design. However, it’s also the cheapest way to decorate which is perfect for these difficult times. It does require a little bit or trial and error but it also creates a big impact when you can actually pull it off.

Paint Colors for Office Use

One thing that you should consider when choosing wall colors is the mood and purpose of the room. You want to be able to pick tones that will compliment the best features of your room such as intricate wood window casings. However, you also need to take into account the actual use of the room.

For instance, for a home office you want to choose colors that are interesting without being distracting. You could just bring in turquoise table lamps as well as white furniture and taupe walls. You will get a soothing work space that is still fun.

Another option would be to tone down a dramatic wall color such as eggplant. You can bring in mirrored furniture or just paint your desk silver. Then add in lots of floor to ceiling shelving to help break up the darker wall color.

Paint Colors for Bathroom Use

You’ll also want to think about the size of your room. In this case bathrooms are usually pretty small even if it’s a master bathroom. However, you can still use actual color in your bathroom instead of just sticking with basic white walls. White tile will last forever and will match anything. However, you can also try to use a lot of fun tones for your wall colors. Pale pink walls will give you a cottage kind of design style without the use of a lot of accessories.

However, if you’re going for typical bathroom wall colors such as pink or blue then you can change up the use of this. You’ll want to make sure that you have high end materials such as marble tile or countertops. Stay with neutral walls and then paint your vanity in one of these pastel tones. Usually these colors would be juvenile but using it in unexpected areas allows you to use a lot of pastel tones that will still leave your room feeling lighting and airy.

Paint Colors for Basement Uses

Paint colors for basement uses need to take into account the ceiling height because this is what is going to leave your room feeling cramped. You might want to go with a nautical inspired theme and blue would be the color that you would usually gravitate towards. However, it can seem a little bit too overpowering. However, instead you can go with white or even gray for your walls. Bring in a blue couch, these are usually pretty inexpensive at thrift stores. Then drive home the nautical theme with porthole style mirrors.

You can also upgrade your ceiling colors. A great way to do this is with a new wall tile, such as a faux tin ceiling. This has a vintage feeling and can also work with more of a pub style theme.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Pictures

You can also go with different themes based on colors. This will be more elegant than using stencils or tons of accessories. For a country garden theme you could use modern black furniture that would really mimic a lot of iron gates. However, then you can bring in more pastel wall colors such as lavender.

Balance out outdated furniture tones with more updated wall tones and trendy paint colors. Even if you’re decorating a kids room then white wall colors are a staple. However, you can just pair it with pale pink, hot pink, and even black walls as your child grows. You can try decoupaging ideas tricks or new drawer pulls on your furniture to ensure it works within the theme.

If you’re having a lot of trouble matching paint colors then instead you want to just go with monochromatic tones. As long as you use a lot of different pattern then this will really work even if it’s the same shade. You can use pleated throw pillows along with damask prints. Look carefully at the damask because usually you’ll see either a different finish or a totally different color, even if it’s quite subtle.

bedroom paint colors pictures

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You can also use color to mix and match styles which is perfect if you’re decorating for two. In this case you can go with dark black walls which is a contemporary paint color. However, you can also bring in more natural materials with burlap lamp shades or throw pillows. Even artwork with this material has a tendency to be stenciled for a French kind of look. However, then you can tie this dark wall color in with the black stencil while incorporating two trends just with color.