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April 19th, 2011

Bathroom Color Schemes for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom color schemes for small bathrooms can help your room to feel larger. It also allows you to work with the color of the materials that you already have in your space even if you’re not crazy about that outdated tile. While there are several different approaches to small space design you can really make it work with different monochromatic color palettes.

Good Bathroom Colors

Good bathroom colors for small spaces should really blend in with what you already have in your space. Usually this would mean staying away from darker colors which can sometimes make your room feel smaller and more closed in. This isn’t always going to be the rule. For instance if you have a lot of white tile in your space then you want to find ways to make your room interesting but still have a sense of flow in it. When you break up a lot of the molding, tile, and wall colors it really makes your room feel choppy. The more you have going on in the space the more claustrophobic it feels. This is why going with monochromatic palettes is so important.

However, since white bathrooms are such a staple you do need to make sure that you bring in different textual layers. This may mean going with designer high end white towels. You might want to try out a real marble vanity top on your counter instead of the typical laminate version. Then you can later install hanging crystal pendant lights. This creates a spa like effect even in very small rooms. You can even add in a subtle theme because right now we’re seeing all different kinds of beautiful coral as well as sand dollars in apothecary jars. This is going to be a soothing and unexpected way to do a nautical theme but is also something that we see a lot of in just luxurious elegant rooms.

bathroom paint colors photos

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Bathroom Wall Ideas

You can also take your inspiration for bathroom wall ideas from unexpected sources. Changing out your fixtures in your bathroom can be quite expensive. If this includes things like your faucet as well as your shower nozzle it can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of DIY skills. Instead, use the power of color. Even if you have dated brass fixtures you can really make them blend in with the surroundings for more of an opulent look. This may mean that you go with slightly richer wall colors. In this instance you could bring in a vintage looking gold leaf mirror. You can often find these at thrift stores quite inexpensively. Usually these are quite oversized as well. This is going to help to bounce around a lot of light. You could go with darker jewel tones for your wall colors as well, which is popular for smaller powder rooms. It’s going to feel very elegant; except it definitely won’t give you that light and airy feeling that is so popular. Really reduce the number of patterns and instead focus on a lot of faux satins and silks for your window treatments and bring in beautiful metallic toothbrush holders.

If you have silver faucets then you can either go with cool wall colors such as a robin’s egg blue or you can even be inspired by a lot of gray paint colors. In really small spaces you might want to paint the molding and the ceiling the same color or a very similar color because this is going to have a very vintage kind of effect. However, if you do have a lot of white tile in the space then you might just want to stick with white vanities and doors too.

Paint for Bathrooms

Paint for bathrooms isn’t just for the wall. Instead, you can really use this on your vanity. Really reducing your color palette as well as the number of materials is going to help your space to feel clean as well as larger. This means that you might want to eliminate a lot of the wood tones that you have going on in your room. This is one reason that plain white vanities are popular. It can seem a little bit boring at times. It can easily give you a monochromatic color palette.

This is especially important if you have very daring floor tiles for a shower stall. In this case, you could bring the black from ceramic tile floors right onto your vanity for a more seamless and modern design look. You might want to skip knobs completely on your vanity because this can be a little bit distracting. However, then you can work with lighter wall colors or even go for a modern effect with a lot of white. Decorate with black and white photographs to really tie the entire room together. Choosing the right bathroom color schemes for small bathrooms can help you to love your space without having to undergo an expensive and stressful remodel.