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March 10th, 2010

Guide to Antique White Vanities

An antique white vanity has a lot of advantages. It’s neutral, but still has a sense of character. You can use an antique piece for this kind of look or just change your existing vanity to have a vintage appeal. Here are a few tips for getting an antique white vanity.

Go for the look of her dressing table. This can really make your room look old world. The focus will be on an unsightly factory box vanity or an old countertop. You can always add in a vessel sink. You can find these kind of vanities or dressing tools that are stores or garage sales. He just need to be aware that they might not have all of the needs for storage that your use you. The delicate lines will really help us house space to poker and more feminine. At the same time you need to make sure that there is a way to climb one or two sinks into the piece using vessel sinks.

Use a distressed finish. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for a shabby chic look. Instead, an antique white is almost cream or beige. It isn’t a bright white. However, you probably already have a lot of white in your bathroom. Your toilet, shower, and some of your tiles are probably white. This means that whatever paint color you choose for your vanity either needs to blend in with these fixtures or have enough contrast that your paint doesn’t just look dirty. You might even want to go with more of a taupe look.

Complete the entire look. If you do buy a dressing table you’ll be able to find a matching mirror inexpensively. It might even be included in the price of the piece. These mirrors large and ornate and can be a wonderful addition to your bathroom. Mirrors help you make small rooms feel bigger and it’s pretty much an essential item for a bathroom. You can use paint to give the mirror whatever finish the vanity has. This is also an option to make a mismatched set relate to each other. Then you can concentrate on the antique lines and carvings of the piece instead of finding a matching set. This can also help you save money and repurpose one or both of the existing items that you have in your room.

Add in hand painting. This is popular in home decor. You can easily replicate these looks just by going with a harlequin or diamond pattern. You’ll need to paint the lines very carefully. You also want to use a lot of different glazes or tone on tone paint colors so that the overall effect isn’t too harsh.

Another option would be to just buy a vintage inspired vanity. You can often find these complete with high end stone countertops and faucets already included. This will save you the hassle of mixing and matching everything. These pieces often have curved lines so it’s a very unusual shape for a vanity. This can add a lot of softness and femininity to your room.