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March 9th, 2010

Decorating Tips for a White Country Kitchen

A white country kitchen can solve a lot of design problems. Oftentimes you’ll find that white rooms are boring. At the same time, you’ll find that an entirely country room can be overwhelming and cluttered. Going with this look really tones down the natural country look and at the same time gives a little bit of life and warmth to a basic kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to add a theme to a basic rental or neutral room. Here are a few tips on decorating a white country kitchen that looks classy.

Bring in natural elements. This will provide a more rustic feel. You could do this by whitewashing the dining room set to put in your breakfast nook. The natural wood grain will still show through but you’ll have a neutral looking room. You can also try a pickling effect on your cabinets to give them a totally new look that will be a little bit toned down and won’t be the same basic white cabinet that everyone else has in their home.

You really want to focus in on adding character to white kitchen cabinets. These are a staple in many kitchens so you need to make them country. You can do this by adding very unique hardware or even making hardware out of old utensils. You could try distressing them. Another option would be to add beadboard or molding at least around a kitchen island. This can tie in with an entire bank of white painted cabinets for your little character to your kitchen. You’ll really only have to redo one piece in your room that still makes an impact while relating to what you already have.

You can really focus in on nature with this design style. An easy way to do this is to base the room around natural lighting. You can clean the windows or even add in large French doors. The focus will be on the beauty of the outside instead of just your basic kitchen. This can make everything feel fresh and clean and you might not even mind washing the dishes so much if you have something interesting to look at out the kitchen window. This is the perfect kind of kitchen if you really don’t want to be bold or daring. You can just have a peaceful, serene, beautiful place to hang out.

Bring in interest and character. This is really the country part of your kitchen. You can do this by adding corbels to your island or white beams to your ceiling. This will give your room more of the look of a farmhouse. It needs to feel like it has been around for a long time. You need to find white paint that will coordinate with any white appliances that you have in your room. At the same time you don’t want it to look too new so you could go with a cream or beige if it corresponds to whatever else you have going on in your space.