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March 10th, 2011

Decoupage Ideas for Art

Decoupage ideas allow you to really be creative without actually having to be an artist. It’s just a matter of printing, cutting, and pasting. It really does give you a designer look. Here is one of the processes that I used to create my own decoupage art. I am by no means a crafter so this is my experience with the first time I used it. This is even an easy enough project for me and I’m very happy with the results.

The reason that I decided to use decoupage ideas was because I already had a large canvas. I wanted an intricate tiara piece but I am not talented enough to just paint on it. I was afraid that I would need a piece that was slightly larger than my printer. I was also unsure of how transfer medium works. I couldn’t find a good way to print onto this huge canvas. So I found this method that was going to help me to use just my basic home printer as well as decoupaging medium. I’ve never used this medium before so I was excited because then I could use it for a lot of other projects as well. I wasn’t sure that I would get that much use out of printer paper. I was also worried about decoupaging an image directly onto the canvas because I didn’t want it to become wrinkled. I also was afraid of trying to blend the edges in with the rest of the canvas.

The tutorial requires that you paint on the canvas before. I was unsure about this. I wanted to initially go for very clean and crisp look. However, when I transferred the images on I didn’t secure all of the corners as well as I should have. This means that the corners were a little bit blurry, and even damaged in some instances. So I decided to hide these effects with a little bit of a color wash kind of look.

When I initially finished using these decoupage ideas I wanted to take it a step further. I decided that since I did the color wash and it really looked more like a painting I wanted to get actual brushstrokes on the piece. I did this by following another tutorial where you apply the decoupage medium on top but instead of trying to get an even finish you purposely leave the brush strokes there. This leaves it with a very textured effect. This whole project took me probably about an hour. It cost me just a few dollars because I already had everything except for the decoupaging medium. I think a lot of it has to do with my image selection. I wish that I would’ve chosen really clear images. You also want to be careful to reverse any letters that you choose to go with. Be aware of copyrights as well.

decoupage ideas for art

Other decoupage ideas that I have also tried was just using basic elmers glue and to use this on furniture. I found that it didn’t hold up very well over time. It became quite brittle and it was very messy to apply. Since I was doing this on a large dresser I really wish that I would have spent the extra money on the actual decoupaging medium.