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March 16th, 2011

Design a Room Online for Free

There are several different options to design a room online for free using room painting simulators. They all have different limitations to them but it’s fun for either a game or if you actually want to get a general idea of how your room could look with a room paint simulator. However, if you are actually going to be buying the products that some of these programs offer they rarely help you keep a running total so watch that overall budget.

1. Virtual Room Designer

You have several options with this room designer. Online free versions form Lowes allow you to build a room from scratch or use a preexisting template. You can print your design or see the Lowes products that you used. I didn’t see a ton of wallpaper and decor choices but it’s one of the more advanced pieces of software out there for free. You can’t use a picture of your own room but you can design one close enough to it. This is by far the most advanced version I’ve run across and besides being limited to Lowes products there doesn’t seem to be much of a downside.

2. Basset Furniture Planner

Can’t decide on a furniture arrangement? Then look to a room designer. Online free options can be found at Basset but it’s pretty basic. This will give you a general idea of layout and it seems to be geared towards you buying their furniture. You can change the size and layout of the room. However, there are limited architectural details. For me it was really hard to get an idea of the space planning because it’s just on graph paper and I’d much rather see a virtual room. However, if you’re used to the old school paper planning style this can really be a shortcut.

3. Arrange a Room

The good folks at Better Homes and Gardens bring us Arrange-A-Room A simple click and drag system allows you to change the shape of your room to get your exact dimensions. If you want a general version then try this online room designer. Free versions on this site probably aren’t going to push products the way a lot of the sites that actually sell furniture or home hardware will. You can also change the dimensions of the furniture but the finished room has an almost cartoon style look to it. You can change the colors of the furniture, but the finished rooms lack dimension. If you just need a general idea of a space plan then this is the way to go. However, this really isn’t the way that I operate, because I need a pretty picture to show me a good idea of the finished product. Remember with most of these sites you’ll have to sign in or register to print or save your finished room.