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May 10th, 2011

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

If you know how to choose paint colors for your home it really gets rid of the anxiety as well as the intimidation factor that you might feel at the paint store. This can be a common feeling when standing in front of all of those paint chips. Which shade of brown should you choose? Here are some ideas to help you put together the perfect color scheme.

Home Painting Color Schemes

To put together an entire palette you’re going to need a neutral. First consider any tile, appliances, or flooring that you already have in your space. Putting cream against white can look dingy so look to the fixtures in your space for inspiration for your trim and ceiling color. If white paint doesn’t inspire you then you need to go with a slightly darker neutral that will still contrast with every else in your room. This means that you’re going to want to try a darker taupe.

Another important thing that you want to take into account is going to be the color and undertones of your furniture. Oak has yellow or orange undertones to it. You can match it with other warm colors, or really show it off and make it contrast by putting it against blue. However, if you want modern gray or taupe walls then you’ll probably want to pick out another paint color for the wood tones as well such as a contemporary white.

How to Paint a Room with Two Colors

This is popular in kid’s rooms or formal spaces such as dining rooms. First off, you might want to try a chair rail effect which will divide up the room. Again, undertones are important and allow you to match colors that would initially seem garish such as a sage green and lavender in a nursery.

Another option is going to be the use of an accent wall. This allows you to go with bold colors. Right now one of the most popular home decorating features is a chalkboard wall. While you can get chalkboard paint in many colors black is a pretty popular option and it’s also modern as well. You want to make the rest of your space very neutral as well.

The next effect that you can try out is going to be the use of oversized wall stencils for more of a subtle look. In this case the two shades should be very close to each other unless you are working in a kid’s room. Scrollwork adds an old world kind of feeling into your room. This is perfect for a Tuscan space if you don’t want to decorate with more traditional yellows and oranges.

Wall Paint Ideas for Home Use

It’s also important to consider how much of the wall is going to be showing. For instance, if you have large mirrors or lots of artwork then maybe you can go with a more dramatic navy wall, especially if your frames are lighter. This is going to break up the darker color and paying attention to these small details is really what is going to tie your entire palette and scheme together.

You also might want the actual architecture of your room determine your paint color. For instance, dental molding is formal and you can take this in two directions. You could give it a funky Anthropologie like air by painting your walls turquoise or hot pink. You could also go with neutral walls and deep black molding. However, you could try a more traditional look that’s still edgy with either eggplant or burgundy wall tones.

home paint color schemes

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Neutral Paint Colors: Home Ideas

This can be one of the most difficult options that you’ll come across just because it’s hard to be excited by a lot of different white or cream paint chips. Let yoru furniture determine which shade you use. For instance a French style armoire feels very vintage. This means you want to go for a cream or ivory shade in your room. However, modern furniture is going to use a very bright white and a high gloss finish.