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June 17th, 2011

Home Decorating Help

Home decorating help can save you tons of money. It allows you to know which projects are diy and which ones aren’t. A farmhouse bathroom or country bathrooms are easy to achieve using farmhouse colors but some projects are more involved. It also ensures that you use the right materials and tools from the job. You should always talk to a design professional for your specific project but here are a few common projects and what you should do with them.

Interior Decorating Help for Kitchens

You might want to go with a painted cabinet if you like the popular farmhouse interiors or cottage kinds of look. Farmhouse decor is pretty cheap to come by. However, while this initially seems like a very easy project there are a few shortcuts that you might want to take. After all, the big pay off is the color. You might be tempted to skip all of the steps that you need to do previous to that. For instance, if you’re restaining, do you really need to actually sand down the finish first? Yes, you really do. Sure, sanding is quite a lot of work but it ensures that your stain stays on the wood.

You also might wonder if you really need to prime your cabinets if you’re just painting them. Again, the answer is yes. Otherwise the paint is really just going to flake off and your beautiful paint color is going to be ruined. This gives you the most durable finish possible which is important because it’s probably a job you won’t want to undertake for several more years.

Interior Design Help for Bathrooms

This is also going to be one of the more expensive renovations that you can undergo. If you want to save money then keep your floor plan exactly the same. Tiling can be a beginning diy project but getting a professional finish can be difficult. Sure, there are faux tile versions available. Instead, you might want to find ways to really make this seem more country or vintage in style. You can do this with beadboard, although you may need a special type or finish for all of that steam. It will also be a lot more durable than wallpaper.

Cheap Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

These design styles are going to be quite dependant on your budget. If you really want to save money then contemporary looks are really the way to go. You might want to go with a contemporary style if you don’t have a lot of money. For instance, this is going to use a platform bed; and it might even just be in a plain white laminate instead of real wood. This is going to be really cost effective and you can find it at stores like Ikea or even Wal-Mart. However, then you still really need to make a statement in your room. You can do this easily with paint. It’s important to create a focal wall. This might just be an accent wall such as a black wall. This could even be a chalkboard kind of design in a kid’s room. Plus, then the chalk and drawings will really relate right back to your exact furniture color. Then you can draw oversized modern flowers or even stripes on this for a totally contemporary look.

Decorating Tips: Living Room Ideas

One way to save money on “new” furniture is just to go with vintage designs. At stores like Horchow and Anthropologie we are seeing all kinds of carved wood, tufting, and velvet. This can sell for thousands of dollars. However, if you head to the thrift store you might be able to find some of the upholstery that’s still in good enough condition to use. However, then you’ll want to pair down the rest of your room with fresh new gray painted walls and an oversized fireplace mantle. This will offset the unusual furniture colors. Home decorating help lets you see the beauty in what you already have in your space.