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March 9th, 2010

Tips for White Cabinets: Kitchen Design

Decorating with white cabinets in kitchen design is a very smart move. It creates design durability. If you don’t know what color you want then go with white. It will also save you the hassle of having to paint over a more popular paint color in a few years when it goes out of style. Plus, white will tie in with different appliances. It will also make wood cabinets look fresh and updated without spending a lot of money. Here are a few tips for decorating with white cabinets in kitchen design.

Find ways to make it interesting. Your white kitchen can look a little bit bland but you can still spice it up. For instance, you could take off some of the upper cabinet doors and replace them with glass doors. This way whatever you have behind the glass whether it is a colorful vase or plates will really stand out in the room. This can be very modern or traditional looking. You could even play around with stained or frosted glass treatments. This will break up a basic white cabinet and make it look more like a built in piece of furniture.

Play around with your finish. You can use different types of white paint to create a different feeling in your room. For instance, you could go with a distressed look for a shabby chic or country room. Glaze has even become a very traditional and trendy addition to the kitchen design world and can add character to your space. Another option would be to go with a very each sleek glossy white cabinet for a contemporary or modern feeling. In this case you want to stick with a very plain or paneled door so that the focus is on the sheer brightness of the paint.

Mix it up. You might have white cabinets in your kitchen design but you want something a little bit different. Your small space might not be able to handle a darker or natural wood color. However, you can still change up the look quite easily. For instance, if you just bring in some more colorful elements such as beautiful pendant lights. You could go for a more Tuscan look by installing a beautiful stone sink that will relate back to your white cabinetry.

Another option is to just paint your island a very beautiful color such as a brick red. This allows you to get a little pop in your room without a lot of effort or money. Plus, when you want a different look you’ll just have to repaint one piece. If you have redone kitchen cabinets before you know that they are a very extensive do it yourself project even though it doesn’t require a lot of skill. It does take a lot of detail work, sanding, and several layers of paint.

You’ll want to add texture. This will make a big difference. Your cabinets will look very elegant instead of cheap. This can help with your overall theme. For a traditional kitchen you can install simple crown molding around the top of your cabinets. You could spice up plain doors so they look panels with a little bit of molding. For a country room, then try a little bit of wainscoting on doors.