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April 19th, 2011

How to Pick Paint Colors for Your House Interior

When you know how to pick paint colors for your house interior you are going to be able to the really connect with the era that your house is from. You’re also going to have the opportunity to add your own personal stamp on it. This allows you to decorate just with paint and also integrate a lot of the furniture that you might already own.

Make a List

Instead of staring at a lot of paint chips really put things into words. You might just want to either write this down or cut out inspiration pictures depending on whether you are a visual learner or not. Really write down what to you love about the house because this can be the base of your color palette. For an arts and crafts home, this can be rich wood paneling and molding. A more modern home would probably feature a lot of open duct work as well as cement floors.

You’re also going to need to decide on your budget because this really determines your color palette in a roundabout way. If you can’t replace your floor or even your furniture then you’re going to need to decide on either how to transform it or how to choose color palettes that work around it. Having this starting point helps you to evaluate the assets as well as the deficiencies in your existing home.

Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Spaces

You’re going to want to consider the cabinetry as well as your appliances in the overall color palette. While white appliances can seem a little bit dated you may want to pair it with white cabinetry and then go for more of a shabby chic or cottage kind of design. This will have more that vintage kind of effect that generally use tons of pastel tones such as a sage green or a butter yellow.

You can also really play around with your architecture. For instance wood cabinetry can feel a little bit dated. You can still make it work with your color palette. You might want to add in rich terra-cotta tones if you want to go with more of a Southwest kind of feeling. Decorate with oversized mirrors with either a rustic or embossed tin frames on them. This can even have some enamel blue accents which is also perfect if you have an outdated cobalt blue kind of look on your tile.

The other direction that you could take this into is going to be more of a farmhouse style feeling. Usually a farmhouse kitchen is going to use a butcher block countertop. However, if you already have wood cabinets this would seem a little bit too heavy in your space. You can also work with stone countertops, which is perfect if you want expensive granite or marble but you can’t afford an entire kitchen renovation. Instead, leave your cabinets as is. Bring in one truly inspired farmhouse piece such as a blue painted kitchen island or artwork that uses decoupage ideas. As long as the style of cabinetry relates to each other you can get away with a totally different color.

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Paint Colors for Living Room Walls

In this area you really want to decide whether or not you have a focal point. If you have a focal point such as your fireplace this is really going to dictate your wall color. Look closely at stone tile such as slate or marble and really pull out some of the neutral colors of the veins or flecks of the stone to use as your wall color. You don’t want to match it directly unless you really see the stone. You can make it blend in by going with gray walls in a room with a lot of slate. You could even tone it down by pulling out some of the more subtle blue tones to use on your furniture. Otherwise you’re going to want to use more contrasting colors for your wall tones.

If you don’t have a focal point then you really need to create it with paint. A sage green living room can feel very formal. Instead of using this color on just walls as we were seeing a few years ago now it’s really being used as the actual wall color. This is going to make it more modern, especially when paired with white tones.

Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms

You can also use wall colors to really solve specific design dilemmas. Usually white colors are thought to make small rooms seem bigger. This may mean that you go with a taupe wall color if you have a lot of travertine tile in your space. You also might want to consider painting your trim as well as your ceiling in the same color palette as long as it’s white enough. Anytime you create a sense of flow it helps your room to feel a little bit larger. Texture is important in these rooms but you want to make sure that you don’t bring in too many accent colors or an actual pattern because this can really be distracting in smaller spaces.

There are several different theories on how to pick paint colors for your house interior. These range from color wheels to just trial and error. You might want to choose a color scheme for your entire house where you just have different variations of the same color in each room. This is especially important if you have an open floor plan.