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November 9th, 2010

Summer Party Ideas for Themes, Decor, and Invitations

Summer party ideas can really be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive. This is a chance where you can really get outside and barbecue. This is one of the few times where you may actually entertain on your outdoor space such as your patio. This is also a way to celebrate a lot of your DIY projects or just let your friends really be amazed by your garden. There are all different kinds of themes that you can choose for your food and decor.

One thing that you can choose for your summer party theme is to go with your favorite outdoor activity. This could be something very simple such as croquet. You could use basic stripes for your invitations. You can get smaller and lighter croquet sets that are appropriate for children. You could also go for kind of the country club kind of feeling by serving finger sandwiches and glasses of lemonade.

One thing that you’ll really want to consider is going with summer party themes. This can be something as simple as the color palette. Even if you’re just going with basic paper plates for easy cleanup and finding inexpensive lanterns in the same color palette can make all the difference. In this case, you really want to go with bright colors. These include hot pinks, turquoise, and lime green. You can even work in orange and yellow. Sure, this isn’t something that you can use in your home on an everyday basis because it is so bold. However, when you’re working with inexpensive and disposable items it’s a chance to really be adventurous so that your party is going to stand out.

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You can also really just embrace the idea of summer. For summer party invitations then you just want to use a basic construction paper. Again, you could just use a colorful palette but then do it in a very bold pattern like polka dots. You could also just have a beach inspired theme no matter where you live. Just cut out simple waves from construction paper to put on a standard background. Then just paste a small parchment paper with your party details typed on it over this.

You can even really take a summer party theme, and use it for your food. You can really be inspired by cuisine from your favorite tropical location. You can also be very literal with your approach especially for doing something like cupcake baking. You could just get your kids to help you frost fun sunglass shapes onto cupcakes. You could also just use candy to form suns for a fun and whimsical look that is also tasty.

As far as decor goes you can just use a lot of the beach supplies that you already own. This includes brightly colored towels as well as fun beach balls. This can also be more of an investment such as an oversized umbrella, which can become part of your decor later on. You could also create a cabana vibe by putting up a canvas awning.

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