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November 9th, 2010

Decorating with Turquoise Flowers

Decorating with turquoise flowers allows you to give a retro or more masculine kind of vibe to a pretty predictable kind of pattern. This is really an opportunity to use this for part of your home decor, or even in a teenagers room.

One thing you do want to consider when going with turquoise flowers is that this isn’t a color that you see in nature a lot of times. Instead you’re going to want to go with dyed versions. Sometimes you can make these yourself by adding a little bit of food coloring in the water. Dyed carnations are very easy to find. However, you can also find faux flowers that are really going to celebrate this color. In this case you want to go with very oversized blossoms. You could just get some really classic old coke bottles and take off the labels. Then put one oversized Gerber Daisy in each vase. This can line your table for a very simple and summery kind of centerpiece.

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Another area where you’ll see a lot of turquoise blue flowers is on jewelry. This can also become part of your decor. You could just get intricate iron stands to display your favorite and most elaborate jewelry pieces. If you have mismatched pieces that are really bold and you want to show them off make them part of your decor. You could sew a brooch to the front of a pillow in the place of a regular button. You could also just even hot glue one of these pieces to the outside of a picture frame to get a little bit more flair.

The really great thing about turquoise decor is that it is gender neutral. In this case you are going to want to make a floral print really as graphic as possible so it has more of a contemporary feeling. This is going to keep it from becoming too frilly. You can just go with a classic turquoise and white pattern. Then you can get a beachy feel by painting your woods floors white. It’s also going to match a lot of solid cream linens that you might already have. This is a way to really get a touch of color in just a basic white room.

Another thing that you can really venture out into is paper decor. This has become more popular in the past few years. This could just be something that you find in the party décor aisle. For a teenager’s room you can leave it up all year round just because it is so funky. In this case lanterns are a great way to go. You can mix in other fun colors like chocolate brown or lime green. You can also really just try out oversized paper flowers. This has a very airy texture to it and it’s also very fun. This could even be the inspiration for your entire decor. When you go shopping you’ll often find arm chairs that can be part of turquoise home decor because of the funky fabrics that were used. You might just need to really clean the upholstery and freshen up the paint to make it seem like new.

Creative Commons Photo from Quinn Anya