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March 12th, 2011

Room Paint Simulator Review

Looking for the perfect paint color? A room paint simulator allows you to see the difference in lots of shades. You should look for a tool that allows you to find exact paint names of shades that you love, otherwise it’s just going to give you a general idea that you like a color blue but you won’t be able to narrow it down from there. Always be careful downloading plugins unless it’s from a site that you trust. Most of the free versions don’t allow you to upload photos of your actual room. However, here are a few free online versions that you can choose from.

room paint simulator

A room paint simulator is different from a magazine. Not only can you find a cool color you also get to see how it's actually going to look in your space; not just in a professionally designed area. Freerange Stock Photo

1. CL Paintbrush Room Designer Online Free

From Country Living comes Paint Brush. You can choose brands such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar. This doesn’t require that you register with the site. As of 2011 there are 25 room selections that you can choose from. However, the one downside to this program is that you can’t change the color of the other items in the room. You’re going to be limited to ceiling, accent, trim, and wall colors. This means that unless you find a room that already has your exact furniture shades in it, this will be very unrealistic.

2. Personal Color Viewer

Benjamin Moore has a program that allows you to upload your own photos and then try painting them. It’s one of the few free programs where you can virtual paint your room. You’re going to need a 1200×1200 resolution picture at least. You have to register with the site and even give them your mailing address. You have to mask out all of the images first to tell the program where the paint should be applied, which is somewhat of a tedious process. This is one of the downfalls when you paint a room virtual.

paint room simulator

Using a paint room simulator is vital when working with darker colors because they are so difficult to paint over.

3. Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has taken a different approach to help you find the perfect interior color schemes. Sure, there’s the standard color visualizer. It also allows you to upload your own picture. Again lots of masking is required, and you’ll need to log in or register if you want to save your pictures.

However, where Sherwin Williams stands out is in a unique idea called ColorSnap. If you have a Blackberry or iPhone just download an app. Take pictures of whatever you love and it will help you match it to a paint chip. It will help you build a palette around that. I haven’t tried that one out, but if I ever get a smart phone I certainly will.